Wikka Installation

Since there is no existing Wikka configuration, this probably is a fresh Wikka install. You are about to install Wikka 1.4.1. Installing Wikka will take only a few minutes. To start the installation, please fill in the form below.
NOTE: This installer will try to write the configuration data to a file called wikka.config.php, located in your Wikka directory. In order for this to work, you must make sure the web server has write access to that file! If you can't do this, you will have to edit the file manually (the installer will tell you how). Once Wikka is correctly installed, you will be able to modify its configuration by editing this file. See the documentation for details.

1. Database Configuration

The DB server. Only those listed in the dropdown are supported.
DB server type:
The host your DB server is running on. Usually "localhost" (ie, the same machine your Wikka site is on).
DB host:
The database Wikka should use. This database needs to exist already before you continue!
Name and password of the DB user used to connect to your database.
DB user name:
DB password:
Prefix of all tables used by Wikka. This allows you to run multiple Wikka installations using the same database by configuring them to use different table prefixes.
Table prefix:

2. Wiki Configuration

The name of your wiki, as it will be displayed in the title.
Your wiki's name:
Your wiki's home page. It should not contain any space or special character and be at least 3 characters long. It is typically formatted as a WikiName.
Home page:
Suffix used for cookies and part of the session name. This allows you to run multiple Wikka installations on the same server by configuring them to use different wiki prefixes.
Your Wiki suffix:
Optional keywords/description to insert into the HTML meta headers.
Meta Keywords:
Meta Description:
Choose the look and feel of your wiki (you'll be able to change this later).
Language pack:

3. Administrative Account Configuration

This is the username of the person running this wiki. Later you'll be able to add other admins. The admin username should be formatted as a WikiName.
Admin name:
Choose a password for the wiki administrator (5+ chars)
Enter password:
Confirm password:
Administrator email.

4. Version update check

It is strongly recommended that you leave this option checked if your run your wiki on the internet. Administrator(s) will be notified automatically on the wiki if a new version of WikkaWiki is available for download. See the documentation for details. Please note that if you leave this option enabled, your installation will periodically contact a WikkaWiki server for update information. As a result, your IP address and/or domain name may be recorded in our referrer logs.